Chief Electrical Inspector Message
Shri. S.A.Patil
Chief Electrical Inspector

Industries, Energy and Labour Department

Being the most Pragmatic and progressive state in the country, Maharashtra is witnessing a sustainable growth in its urban and agrarian forefront. Based on general situation of  development there is considerable rise in consumption of Electricity which also leads to  Electrical hazards  causing citizens of Maharashtra succumbed to death, injuries  and financial  losses every year.

Undoubtedly Electrical safety is becoming most essential aspects of modern day society. As every lives matter to us it's my duty to safeguard each and every citizen's life from potential hazards arising due to electrical shocks, fires and lift casualty.

As the cities become bigger and buildings become taller urban planning demands sophisticated, modern elevator solutions which should be safe and secure, my wing ensures the utmost safety of lift operations through periodic inspections.

With electrical safety as a highest priority I am committed to enactment and implementation of rules, regulations and policies all across the state in legitimate environment pertaining to electrical and lift safety for safe living of peoples of Maharashtra.

About Department

The Electrical Inspectorate is a department under Government of Maharashtra, Industries, Energy and Labour Department. The main function of the department is to ensure safety of electrical installations as per the provisions of section 53 of Electricity Act 2003 & regulations made therein.

All the new HT/EHT installations above notified voltage, High rise building installation, lift installation, Cinema/Auditorium/Video/ Parlours are inspected by the officers of the department and charging permission is granted if no shortcomings are observed. Periodical inspection of electrical installation above notified voltage is also carried by the officers of the department.

Electrical Contractor/ Supervisor/ Wireman license is issued by the Licensing Board of this department. Electricity Duty and Tax on Sale of Electricity is monitored by the department.

The provisions of the Household Electrical Appliance (Quality Control) Order 1981 and Electrical Wires Cables, Appliances and Protective Devices and Accessories (Quality Control) Order 2003 are also implemented by the department.

The important function of the department is to conduct inquiry of electrical accidents. All fatal and non fatal electrical accidents are investigated by the field officers to find out the root cause of electrical accidents. The inquiry report is sent to the police for necessary action against the persons responsible for the electrical accident.